The Process


A portrait painting can either be created from life or from photos; sometimes, a combination of the two works best.  You may already have a picture that you would like reproducing.  If not, photos can be taken of the subject to work from.


Although it would be great to work from life, the best way to paint or draw a pet is from photos.  Photos can be taken of your pet, or you may have some favourite pictures that you would like reproducing.  Chris works in two ways: a pencil drawing of the animal (or animals) or an oil painting.  He is happy to include the owner, as part of the picture.


Landscapes or street scenes can be produced from life or from photos.  You may have a favourite view that you would like painting, or alternatively photos of a landscape or street scene can be used.

Commission Prices

The prices below are indicative: at the start of the commission we can discuss what is involved, so that sizes and prices can be based on your exact requirements.



Small 1





Small 2





Medium 1





Medium 2





Large 1





Large 2




Portraits £175 £250  £700  £850 £1100 £1250
Pets £125 £200  £700  £850 £1000 £1250
Landscapes £125 £250  £700  £850 £950 £1150

Print Prices

If you like any of the images on this website, you can purchase a print.  Prints can be arranged at either A5, A4 or A3 size, including postage, starting from £75.